MCON is for people who give a damn about social change and are ready to take action.

We believe every person inherently wants to do good in the world; some of us just need a little inspiration to take that first step. That’s why MCON exists.

MCON gathers leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs from all generations and from all over the country to better understand today’s social movements and how to turn interest into action.

Channel your enthusiasm • Spark a movement • Create change

For companies and causes, MCON investigates new ways to address company culture, increase transparency and innovate to celebrate diversity and compete in the growing landscape of corporate activism.

who should attend?

You won’t want to miss MCON if you:

  • Work for or lead a cause-driven organization
  • Represent a company that wants to increase its social impact
  • Are an activist working to raise awareness about your cause
  • Are a social entrepreneur with an innovative idea to create change
  • Are a member of the creative community who wants to use your talent to do good
  • Want to get involved in a cause but don’t know how

MCON is for people of all generations, backgrounds and industries.

MCON is for you.


Since its inception, MCON has grown exponentially – and continues to today. MCON 2013 saw its first in-person audience in Indianapolis (10,000 individuals total, with nearly 500 people in person). In 2014, MCON shifted in two ways: From Indianapolis to Chicago, and to focus on cause movements versus millennials. The two-day event gathered more than 15,000 people online and over 600 people in-person for both days.

In 2015, MCON continued its popularity, garnering nearly 14,000 online visitors, 300 in-person attendees, 89.2 million timeline deliveries and 78.1 million media impressions. Then in 2016, MCON moved again – this time to Washington, D.C. – and brought together the most people in-person the event has ever seen. With 700 people on the campus of National Geographic in Washington, D.C., the event stretched to three days of speakers, panels, learning sessions and networking. Most recently, MCON 2017 saw its first in-person sold-out crowd, and the event continues to grow in both strength and numbers.

Read more about the history and evolution of MCON by clicking on the years below.

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